Nashville Electric Service Wants Better

Nashville Electric Service takes steps to Evolve the Customer Experience

Milestone Utility Services is pleased to announce the selection of their ePortal Customer Engagement solution by Nashville Electric Service (NES). Milestone is a leader in Customer solutions in the Utility industry and provides next level customer experience.

NES is one of the 11 largest utilities in the nation. Nashville Electric Service maintains nearly 5,900 miles of distribution and transmission lines daily to serve nearly 420,000 customers, including all of Nashville and Davidson County and parts of the six surrounding counties, covering 700 square miles.

NES continues to grow to accommodate a growing population in Middle Tennessee. Growth includes infrastructure and technology upgrades to provide customers with the highest level of service.”

By adding Milestone ePortal to their technology portfolio, NES will be able to offer their customers an exceptional customer portal. The portal will allow them to engage with NES when, how, and where it’s convenient for them. Through the implementation of ePortal, NES will be able to take their customers’ trust and confidence to the next level.

Milestone ePortal is a customer self-service portal that allows utilities to increase their level of customer service, decrease their cost to serve, and even improve JD Power scores. Utility customers can manage their account, view and pay bills, request service, set notification preferences, compare usage with neighbors, enroll in rebates and programs, and use a real-time pricing calculator. Milestone ePortal is a easy to use, configurable portal that also includes dynamic real-time alerts. These alerts are based on the utility’s specific billing and payment business processes. Because it is tailored for utilities, Milestone ePortal can integrate to any billing system, MDM, or other technology application. The portal continuously promotes the utility’s brand with a customizable look & feel and clear communication methods.

From Milestone CEO

“We are ecstatic to be selected for this project with Nashville Electric Service and to continue to build our relationship with such a great organization. The Milestone team developed Milestone ePortal specifically for the utility industry to evolve the customer experience beyond customer expectations. We know that NES customers will see a massive increase in their engagement and customer satisfaction. Milestone is looking forward to participating and helping achieve the vision that NES has for their customers.” – Ram Kasarla, CEO, Milestone.

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