Milestone ensures success with over 19 years of Customer Information System (CIS) experience and proven processes.

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Milestone began by servicing customer systems at utilities and developing solutions to make their CIS systems function for their business. At the heart of mission critical enterprise technologies for a utility, the CIS touches everything. 

Helping Utilities Like Yours

Milestone ensured a successful CIS upgrade project for us with their methodology and experienced resources. There was never a doubt that we would go live on-time and within budget.

Our focus is niche as we only work with utility companies.  We attribute our success to a culture of trust, transparency, flexibility, and doing the right thing the right way. Milestone specializes in helping utility billing and customer service teams upgrade or migrate to/from Banner, Oracle CC&B, C2M, SAP CRB or IS-U, or even legacy systems such as homegrown greenscreen applications. With more than 120 CIS implementations and upgrades under our belt, the Milestone team is able to effectively consult and support as much or as little as needed.

Milestone’s approach to working with utilities is focused on innovation with integrity. Milestone wants to provide the best solution to meet the client’s unique business requirement in the most efficient, cost-effective method possible. Milestone has a proven methodology to help support utilities as they make changes to their Customer Information Systems (CIS).

Below, you can find a high-level overview of our hybrid planned agile approach.


The Project Initiation phase allows for the ramp up of the team, resources, expectations, and the schedule to lay the foundation for a successful and well executed project. 


This phase enables the upgrade outcomes defined in the Initiation phase through a series of sprints. The application will be built and/or configured during this phase, ensuring that all features/functions and integration points are developed and fully tested, including functional, integration, system, and user acceptance testing.


In the Deploy or Final Prep phase, we are preparing for all systems to be ready to go online.  We are making sure all users are prepared and trained and doing all final systems checks. The objective for this phase is to ensure a smooth deployment of upgrade outcomes with minimal impact to key KPIs through comprehensive training, business & technology readiness and go-live preparation/support. 


Milestone will provide post go-live support to assure the application installation and configuration is operating as expected in the production environment. These support tasks include triage of issues, proposing solutions to correct issues in the system, and answering questions regarding the functionality of the system.


Milestone provides comprehensive support and maintenance services for Customer Information Systems (CIS) so the utility can focus on its core business – providing electric, gas, and water services.