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Milestone eNotification improves communication between utilities and their customers. Automated messages can be triggered by transactions completed by customers and utility employees. Customers are able to communicate with the utility through email or text with eNotification.

Helping Utilities Like Yours

Use business logic and workflows to set up consistent and targeted communications.

Customer engagement increases when they receive notifications through their channel of choice and proactive messages to keep them in the know. Customers can get real-time automated confirmations of payments, paperless billing, start service, etc. through their preferred channel. Notifications are automatically sent when there are updates to the accounts and information changes, such as forgotten passwords or profile updates.

The utility also has the ability to send batch notifications with company updates, such as outages or changes to processes, based on user groups defined in the CIS. Get ahead of customer calls to ensure customers are aware of updates and changes.

Customer Preferences

Customer can choose IF and WHEN they want an email or SMS message for each type of notification.

Consistent Messaging

Customer can receive the same message to reduce confusion and improve communications.

SMS and Email Templates

Milestone created best practice real-time and batch notification content templates based on utilities and municipalities.

Content Control

Business users can easily edit content and add dynamic variables and group customers for notifications with the ability to enforce content approval workflows internally.


Easily view the status of notifications with the ability to audit and analyze within the solution as well as the ability to integrate with third-party reporting tools as well.