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Milestone’s ePortal Customer Self Service Solution was developed with our customers and for our customers out of a need to streamline processes and deliver a rich customer experience.  Aside from our proven integration with various CIS solutions, Milestone ePortal was developed with a blend of User Experience (UX) experts and utility customer service best practices. 

Helping Utilities Like Yours

Customer trust and confidence is important to EWEB. We’ve been working to make it easier for customers to do business with us, and part of that is making some technology changes so customers can engage with us when and where it’s convenient for them. We were excited by Milestone’s response to our RFP for a customer portal and through the scoring process it rose to the top. While the path to delivering a better customer experience has many components, we see this portal as an important step and look forward to working with the Milestone team.

New functionality is added annually to Milestone ePortal through customer input and by way of the Milestone User Group. Milestone ePortal, which includes new features added to the base product such as Chat, Co-Browse, Time of Use Calculators, and Program Enrollment. Milestone ePortal can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. This option gives utilities the flexibility to adapt to fit support needs. Deploying in the cloud allows utility IT Departments to focus more on other strategic efforts, knowing that the Customer Portal infrastructure is being maintained and supported throughout the contract.

Milestone ePortal can be implemented in 4-12 months depending on the scope of the program. We have also found success by implementing the solution in a phased approach to allow customers to easily consume changes and new processes. Milestone works with each utility and ensures that not only the solution but the implementation approach is tailored to fit the individual needs of the utility.

Billing and Payment

Increase utility payment completions with customer-centric design and real-time information.

Self-Service Requests

Customers are able to schedule start, stop and transfer services in a convenient, mobile-first manner.

Outage & Leak Alerts

Proactively flag changes in usage and notify customers and utilities of potential defects.

Efficiency & Conservation Programs

Digital customer engagement can increase program participation of rebates, programs, and more.

Usage Comparisons

Enable customers to take more control of their usage with regional and historical comparison data.

Usage History

Display interval data and allow customers, as well as utility reps, to drill into history to gain insight.