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Take full advantage of your AMI investment and allow customer to leverage the connected power. Utilities need to ensure that their AMI investment is being utilized to its full potential. Milestone eAMI is a balanced scorecard that provides a consolidated view of AMI meters to validate business cases and communicate effectively internally.

Ensure Success with Milestone eAMI

Milestone eAMI gave us insight into the AMI rollout and helped us to be more efficient. We would recommend this product to any utility installing AMI meters, as this investment pays for itself.

Milestone eAMI provides utilities with real-time information to measure and manage their AMI deployment and subsequent meter reads. Ensure AMI meters are operating properly and the correct information is provided to customers.

Take advantage of the exception management functionality to quickly resolve issues and streamline business processes. Allow users to execute daily read/rates/bill cycle analysis.‚Äč

Find the benefits in as little as 3-4 months. Milestone eAMI leverages the Milestone Integration Gateway to easily integrate to your utility’s AMI meters, Meter Data Management (MDM), Customer Information System (CIS), Work Order Management System, and Outage Management System (OMS).

Dashboard KPIs

Executive level reporting to improve communication of the AMI project

Real-Time Information

Operational view of deployed AMI meters & network to monitor and manage your AMI rollout and measure success.


Notifications if meter reads are not received or are beyond thresholds.

Flexible Data Elements

Ability to update meter data elements in the Meter Data Management (MDM) solution.

Integrated Solution

Leverage Milestone’s experience to seamlessly integrate to your CIS, MDM, and directly with your AMI meters for real-time information.

Usage History

Display interval data and allow customers, as well as utility reps, to drill into history to gain insight.