Experienced resources that utilize Milestone’s proven methodology and the data conversion toolkit.

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Milestone works with utilities throughout the entire data conversion process. Due to our 20 years of working with systems that support the meter-to-cash process, means that we have in-depth knowledge of multiple systems’ data models and can help extract and map this data to new systems.

Reduce Risk with Experienced Conversion Experts

Leverage experience and reduce the risk of an implementation with proven data conversion experts and methodology.

Milestone follows the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process and has created a migration toolkit to ensure successful data conversion.

Within the Milestone data conversion toolkit are:

  • Pre-defined data mapping from CC&B/MDM to C2M
  • Pre-defined control matrix for audit and controls
  • Pre-defined automatic validation for converted data

An additional service that Milestone offers for data conversion is the data quality assessment that Milestone will conduct. The data quality assessment includes a high-level examination of existing data in legacy systems.


Take inventory and analyze current data quality. To ensure success, it’s best to evaluate your current data quality and internal resource skills before a project begins in order to properly estimate the conversion efforts.

Identify and Update

Identify any gaps in data and elements that need to be updated. Create a plan with resources and responsibilities and execute to update data and fill gaps.


Once the data has been updated and corrected, extract the data from the source system.


Map data models from the source system to the target system.


Load the data in the target system.