Leverage 20 years of experience integrating utility specific enterprise and edge applications.

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Milestone has developed proven strategies to best integrate utility-specific technology and enterprise applications. We have accelerators with pre-built integrations to reduce project risk and streamline the project timeline.

Reduce Risk and Maintain Data Integrity

Milestone’s functional and technical expertise for utility applications allows for seamless integration between third-party applications.

Knowledgeable of many utility systems, Milestone’s ability to integrate data into and from the CIS is superior to the average professional services provider due to our deep understanding of the big picture of utility business processes.

As utilities bridge the gaps between people, process and technology, often times the need arises to integrate information.

Milestone provides unparalleled integration expertise for modern utilities. For a utility implementing a new Customer Information System (CIS), Milestone can provide experts to assist in the build, documentation, and testing of third-party integrations. Milestone’s experience and knowledge helps utilities successfully integrate multiple third-party systems to keep data in their source systems and allow for users and customers to access real-time data.

Real-Time Data

Integration utilizing web services allows third-party applications to talk to each other in real-time.

Streamlined Processes

Users and customers can interact and manage data directly through automated processes across multiple applications.

Maintain Source Systems

With proper integration, data can be maintained in one source to promote data integrity.