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The newest eVolve product, Milestone ePay, is our PCI Compliant and NACHA validated payment solution that provides next day funding. Real time account validation includes account and routing validation, positive balance, and negative check history. Reporting capabilities include detailed reporting by department, merchant account, payment type, refunds, voids, and disputes.

Helping Utilities Like Yours

Using Milestone’s extensive integration expertise, customers can use ePay to pay through the channel that works best for them, evolving the customer payment experience.

Milestone ePay is a proven solution that provides customers with a consistent customer experience across web, mobile, and voice. Our solution provides the ability to complete one time payments, current and past due payments, scheduled payments, and multi account payments, all while ensuring displayed daily overdue interest or late payment fees are calculated, based on rules and available data.

ePay enhances the customer experience through real-time data for payments, allows simple and secure payment processing, and provides easy access to complete and accurate reporting for utilities.

PCI Compliant

Meet industry and legal requirements for secure payment processing.

NACHA Validated

Payment information is validated for simple payment processing.

Next-Day Funding

Get your funds faster by assuring funds are received the next day.

Detailed Reporting

Utilities can track and manage their payment processing through advanced reporting features.

Consistent Experience

Part of the eVolve family of solutions, ePay provides the same great customer experience as other Milestone products.

Real-Time Information

No delays or outdated data, as Milestone’s extensive integration expertise provides real-time access to information.