Utility industry experts to help support your business and the technology that supports it.

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Milestone has a team of experts to help support your applications and infrastructure. Our team can help fill in the gaps of your organization which allows each utility to focus on providing services to its customers. Technology changes can be efficiently implemented to quickly recognize value.

The Support You Need When You Need It

Milestone allows utilities to focus on their customers while a team of experts maintain, manage, and enhance technology.

Milestone’s Managed Services are flexible to allow for utilities to utilize the skill sets and knowledge of the Milestone team when and how the business needs it. This model gives utilities the ability to focus on the utility core business while Milestone can help maintain systems that support the meter-to-cash process, as well as enhance them.  Our support model provides one single point of contact and reporting to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are being met. Milestone can help utilities with strategic decisions such as future planning and overall process improvements. The team can also support day-to-day operations and planned projects through our predictable and on-demand services.

The team will provide the following support with on and off-site resources through well-defined processes and clear communication:

Account Management

Milestone provides a single point of contact, the Milestone Managed Services Representative, for each utility to ensure all services are provided in an effective and efficient manner. The Managed Services Rep will streamline communications and issue resolution using utility preferred tools and reporting.

Application Support

Milestone resources are available to develop and implement any requested customizations or project. Milestone can also evaluate existing customizations and integrations due to our experience as a trusted partner.

Infrastructure Management

Milestone reviews and resolves technical issues for any environment that the utility needs assistance supporting. Milestone will provide resolutions, guidance, and documentation for environments, servers, and databases to meet performance levels and system availability.

Issue and Defect Management

Milestone will employ an issue/defect management program based on best practices and address issue/defect identification, logging, categorization, prioritization, diagnosis, escalation as necessary, resolution, closure, root cause analysis, and continued communication throughout the issue/defect lifecycle.

Strategic Business Planning

Milestone provides utilities with more than a team of experts to resolve issues/defects and execute programs. As part of the managed services offering, utilities also receive annual strategic guidance from Milestone to assist with planning, prioritization, and assessing impacts. As part of the strategic business planning, Milestone will also provide an annual quality audit to ensure our success is aligned with the utility’s success.