Since our inception, Milestone’s core business is as a services company specific to the Utility industry. More specifically, Milestone specializes in extending functionality in mission-critical enterprise applications with a focus on those applications and technologies supporting the entire Meter to Cash process. From this extensive experience supporting utilities, Milestone has developed a platform, Milestone eVolve, comprised of ancillary products that help to enhance enterprise applications, improve the customer experience, and increase efficiency of utility operations.

What our Customers Say

We’ve been a Milestone customer since 2002. They have consistently delivered on time and within budget. We know that we can always go to them when we need advice or resources. Their utility experience means that we get tailored solutions that we know will meet our needs. It’s why we will always go back to Milestone again and again.

– OneGas, OK

Milestone’s eVolve solution is designed to grow with us and provides a consistent user-friendly experience to our customers. Milestone was easy to work with and there was clear communication of what was required. This relationship continues to develop through support and new features because they are one of the easiest vendors to work with and provide great solutions.

– City of Albany, GA

Milestone ePortal was implemented in 2016 and continues to evolve. We deployed first on-premise and then moved to the Amazon AWS cloud. The flexibility of the solution and Milestone’s support allows us to keep up with our utility customer demands. We know that no matter what changes are required, Milestone will adapt with us.

– Kansas City Water, MO