Utility Company Communication: How to Prioritize Both Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Making both customers and employees happy at the same time is hard enough, but when you’re a utility company during…

New Technology Benefits of Oracle’s Customer to Meter solution (C2M)

During OUUG 2018, the Milestone team participated in a session discussing the current Oracle CC&B 2.6 implementation project underway at Vectren. Recently, another utility asked Milestone to explain the differences and benefits of Oracle C2M vs. Oracle CC&B 2.6.

Key Questions a Utility Needs to Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Firm

Several business scenarios faced by today’s utilities present challenges when deciding how and where to invest technology and IT resources.

To Refresh or Replace? Important Factors When Considering a New CIS

A perfect storm of evolving utility customer business processes, a rise in customer expectations, and new technology innovations are a few of the primary forces resulting in change within utilities.

Don’t Initiate Change without Considering these 4 Best Practices

If you’ve worked in change management for a number of years, you’ve most likely heard the dreaded statistic that 70% of change management initiatives fail.

Utility Trend Predictions: Utility Municipal Outlook 2016

In Summer 2016, Milestone with Zpryme and the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) released the results of a smart grid / grid modernization survey focused on the innovation efforts of 86 U.S. municipal utilities. Due to our experience integrating smart meter data to a billing and customer information system (CIS), Milestone partner Edith Mercado was […]