Utility Trend Predictions: Utility Municipal Outlook 2016

In Summer 2016, Milestone with Zpryme and the Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) released the results of a smart grid / grid modernization survey focused on the innovation efforts of 86 U.S. municipal utilities.

Due to our experience integrating smart meter data to a billing and customer information system (CIS), Milestone partner Edith Mercado was quoted during the report’s release.

With 97% of the 86 U.S. utilities surveyed either planning to deploy or already utilizing smart meter technology, it’s clear utilities understand the value of sharing near real-time information to improve customer engagement. We’ve been able to help utilities interface smart meter data into their CIS and customer engagement technology to provide the vehicle for achieving ROI on smart grid investments.

Edith Mercado

Click here to download a copy of the report from Zpryme and contact our team to discover how we help increase the ROI from smart meter and modernization projects.

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