The City of Albany Utilities selects Milestone’s ePortal solution for enhanced customer engagement

Milestone Utility Services, a leader in Customer Experience solutions in the Utility industry, is pleased to announce the selection of their ePortal Customer Experience solution by the City of Albany Utilities.

The City of Albany Utilities services approximately 37,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Georgia. Albany Utilities is a full-service utility providing electricity, water, natural gas, sanitary sewer, solid waste, and telecommunications. 

Albany was hit early this year with a surge of COVID-19 cases. The City’s team had to adapt quickly and during these times, they have seen even more pressing importance for digital customer engagement. Milestone’s ePortal will be deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model allowing the city to deploy quickly and so the City’s team can focus on operating the business.

The City has spent the last few years evaluating solutions and now plan to align Milestone’s ePortal go-live with the go-live of their new CIS, Tyler Munis, this fall. The city also plans to undertake an initiative to implement “Multi-Speak” integration technology.  The project will only take a few months so the City can quickly see the benefits of improved customer communication and engagement, with a focus to continue delivering more self-service functions

“Milestone has worked with the City over the years with various aspects of their Banner CIS that is now being converted onto Tyler.  The City has lean, efficient operations to deliver the full range of utility services to its customers. Milestone is excited to partner with the City of Albany to help them enhance their customer experience and self-service processes with our proven and ever-evolving ePortal solution.” – Chris Boeke, CCO, Milestone.

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