Ram Kasarla

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ram’s reputation within the utility industry as an asset to any customer information system (CIS) project precedes him. With more than 20 years in technology and utilities, Ram’s visionary abilities to improve operation efficiency and reduce customer care costs has made him a sought-after asset to application development and data analytics project teams. Ram founded Milestone in 2002. Prior to forming Milestone, Ram worked as a Technical Architect at SCT (now Ventyx) in their utility industry division. Additionally, Ram worked in IBM Global Solutions as a Technical Architect implementing Customer Information Systems. Ram worked as a Technical Consultant on two major Banner Implementations, Vectren, Oneok and many other Banner projects over the past 15 years. Ram received an MVP (Most Valuable Player) award for his role in the Vectren Banner Implementation. Ram has a B.S. in Computer Science Engineering.