Edith Mercado

Chief Financial Officer

Edith is a highly-respected utility adviser specializing in functional solutions incorporated into baseline CIS software. Her 29 years working for utilities and as a technical consultant are invaluable for utilities needing assistance with rate cases, billing/financial processes, and customer service enhancements. Edith joined Milestone as a partner in 2005. Prior to joining Milestone, she worked as a Principal Consultant at SCT (now Indus International), in their utility industry division. While there she developed functional solutions incorporated into the baseline CIS software and developed requirements and functional design documents for customized software applications. She has worked with many utility clients on the business process re-engineering required to effectively utilize a new CIS system. Edith has participated in CIS software implementation for approximately 20 utilities that provide some combination of electric, gas, water, sewer, and solid waste. In addition, prior to joining SCT, Edith worked for Orlando Utilities Commission, an electric and water utility where she was a member of the project implementation team, who was responsible for replacing a 30 year old CIS system. Edith has a B.S. in Mathematics from The Catholic University of Puerto Rico.