Data Consolidation

Solution upgrades, new application implementations and other technical business process improvement projects requiring data migration are most successful when data quality is maintained, or better yet, improved during the process.

Milestone Utility Services has helped gas, electric and water utilities nationwide improve information accuracy and the overall customer experience with the Data Quality Assessment Report & Action Plan. The primary objective of the Milestone Data Quality Assessment Report & Action Plan is to support successful technical implementations by migrating accurate data, thereby enabling more cost-effective business processes and customer service.

Data Consolidation Services Include:

Data Cleansing
Data Mapping
Data Migration
Data Testing
Process Recommendations

The Milestone team has decades of experience minimizing risk during new solution implementations. Whether new or older versions of Oracle, SAP or Banner solutions, the Milestone team excels in identifying data discrepancies and resolving these discrepancies within nine key areas of a multitude of backend billing systems, platforms and databases.

Data Quality Assessment 9 areas:

General Ledger
Bad Debt

Budget Billing
Bill History
Service History

Within each area of the Data Quality Assessment, Milestone taps into its 15 years of experience working within complex utility billing and payment databases and systems to help utilities quickly address data that could jeopardize successful customer service processes. Most utilities do not realize the depth of discrepancies nor the potentially detrimental implications of importing this inaccurate data into new solutions.

Want to know the quality of your utility customer data?

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