Customer Information System (CIS) Services

Utility billing and Customer Information System (CIS) business process requirements are evolving to better meet the needs of today’s utility customer. Billing and payment utility customer service representatives need integrated information to best serve and respond to customers.

Milestone Utility Services became a well-respected utility professional services provider by equipping electric, gas and water utilities with advanced knowledge on optimizing the performance of their CIS. Whether it’s a utility upgrade or fully replacing the CIS, Milestone either leads or augments staff on implementation projects.

Knowledgeable of many utility frameworks, Milestone’s ability to integrate data into and from the CIS as well as offer production support is superior to the average professional services provider. For a utility implementing AMI/AMR technology, integrating smart meter data with CIS data and processes is a crucial step to demonstrate ROI. Milestone’s experience and knowledge helps utilities successfully integrate smart meter data when implementing AMI/AMR.


Migrations to/from Banner, Oracle CC&B, SAP, Open Smartflex, or legacy systems such as Customer/1.

Milestone specializes in helping utility billing and customer service teams upgrade or migrate to/from Banner, Oracle CC&B, SAP CRM&B or IS-U, Open Smartflex, or legacy systems such as Customer/1. With more than 90 CIS implementations and upgrades under our belt, the Milestone team is able to effectively consult and support as much or as little as needed.

CIS Data Integration

Multiple meter vendors
AMI/AMR technology
Backend systems & portals

Financial Process Optimization

Financial Balancing
Rate case analysis and implementation
Complex billing analysis and design

Self-Service & Digital Engagement

Mobile service order dispatching
Customer web design and automation
Business process optimization

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