Custom Application
Development for Utilities

Designing and developing technology based on collective centuries of utility billing and customer service business process experience.

Unparalleled integration expertise for modern utilities.

Knowledgeable of many utility systems, Milestone’s ability to integrate data into and from the CIS is superior to the average professional services provider due to our deep understanding of the big picture of utility business processes.


Complex development, simplified solutions.

The average custom development firm does not possess the deep dive understanding of the utility industry and business processes necessary to guide a utility to the best, most cost-effective solution. That’s where Milestone differs from the rest. We have developed a number of key products and tools to extend any billing and customer information system (CIS) application.

Without Milestone

Without Milestone Lack of subject matter expertise leads to high overages budget creep. And, you don’t get what you ask for with key features missing. Without Milestone, you pay exponentially more for a half-complete solution

With Milestone

A streamlined, white-glove experience that delivers real value. Out product suite is backed by over a century of industry thought leadership. With Milestone, you save time and get the best custom CIS app possible.

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