Evolve Beyond Simple Interactions By Enhancing Your Customer Engagement

In today’s technologically advanced world, companies are expected to surpass a simple connection with their customers. Instead, they must endeavor to grow their customer engagement at a deeper level though more personal and tailored communication.

Four Reasons Why Utility Customer Engagement Is Important For Collections

Last year, and now into 2021, the perfect storm has formed for utility company collections. Shutoff restrictions and stops are in force all over the country, legally mandated for those customers who have seen their livelihoods vanish due to COVID-19.

How Utilities can Improve Customer Engagement while keeping employees and customers safe

Collections declining, customers worried, and utilities struggling to find effective solutions to engage their customers that don’t break the bank.

Milestone Sponsors CS Week 2017: Event Highlights

Milestone was recognized as a Silver Sponsor in May 2017 in Fort Worth, TX during CS Week 2017, the largest annual gathering of utility customer service professionals in the country. During CS Week, utility customer service and IT leaders discussed the keys to successful customer engagement. One factor mentioned is the need to offer a […]

3 Elements to Improve the Customer Experience of a Utility Customer Self-Service Portal

In our years of experience designing, developing and deploying our own customer self-service portal, the Milestone team has experienced first-hand a utility’s challenges when demonstrating value from the investment.